echo hardscape


93% recycled content

Ground level patios are in need of the same flat and permeable walking surfaces that we tested and engineered into our rooftop terraces and gardens.

Simply lay our 2’x2’x3” thick Echo Flow blocks on level ground in multiple layers to begin. They are bonded together with beads of foam adhesive creating a monolithic and permeable slab that you can drive a truck on and will last…forever.

Create a patio and garden oasis with surfacing options such as artificial turf, IPE Ironwood decking and paver tile of your choice. With our magical design, all combinations of walking surfaces join together, flush and level.


How about adding a planting area for a flower or vegetable garden? Simply leave out Echo Flow blocks in that area, add topsoil and plant.

Want a raised planter to add shade trees with deep roots? The raised planter walls are built with our permeable Echo Flow blocks as well. Concrete walls with rebar and poured concrete slabs are never required.

It is nice to know that, on average, every two square feet of Echo Flow Hardscape will displace one tire from going to a landfill or being burned as fuel at a cement plant.


Echo Flow is laid on regular, level soil, no compacted rock bed required.


Build planters, lay tile, turf or wood.

Always flat and permeable.

Only limit is your imagination!