Next-Use Building Materials

NAME CHANGE and WHY – Shredded Tire Inc. evolves to Miami Echo

What we learned through years of testing and government approvals using tire shreds as our aggregate, should be applied to construction wood waste and other select, solid waste. We’re already at the lab doing that very thing, but this time with a roadmap!

Welcome to Miami Echo.  Miami is in the name as without Miami’s Building Code, abundant local testing facilities as well as engineering professionals that know the testing protocols, our Echo family of 93% recycled content products would never have been possible.

As we expand throughout the world, the Miami Echo name will remain a constant in honor to this beautiful City, the place where it all began.



echo home

every home a hurricane rated shelter


  • Built with ECHO Blocks
  • 93% certified recycled content
  • Patented in 1/2 of the industrialized world
  • Hurricane “shelter” testing completed, NOA Pending
  • Made with shredded tire and waste cements
  • UL, VOC emittance tested and approved for classroom construction
  • Wall, foundation, and roof
  • ASTM – E – 119 Two (2) Hour Fire Rating
  • R-Value of 1.31 per inch
  • Moisture, mold, and bug resistant

echo rooftop terrace and garden

93% recycled content

  • Flat and permeable combined surfaces that provide a flush finished surface
  • Dade NOA approved -370 psf (wood, steel and concrete)
  • UL Class A Fire Rated (the entire assembly)
  • Tested both UL and Dade with Turf,  IPE Ironwood, 3/4” Paver Tile and Growing Media
  • Soundproof rating STC-39, OITC-36 at only 4” thick.
  • US Patented, high wind, rooftop, tree restraint system
  • Build planter walls and benches with ease
  • Moisture, mold, and bug resistant

echo hardscape

93% recycled content


  • Permeable and flat walking surface
  • Install artificial turf, IPE Ironwood, porcelain paver tile
  • Build planter walls and  benches with ease
  • Moisture, mold and bug resistant
  • Made with shredded tires and waste cements
  • 93% certified recycled content
  • No drainage, no permit, no concrete pours

echo edge block

Wood blocking sustainable replacement


  • 5 to 7 times faster to install
  • 87% recycled content replacement for wood blocking
  • -300 psf NOA rated uplift
  • UL Class A at Unlimited Slope
  • moisture mold and bug resistant
  • made with shredded tire and waste cements
  • 2” to 10” high in 1/2” increments with 4 sizes
  • ANSI/SPRI ES-1 certified
  • Trees saved and tires recycled (visit our calculator)

echo coping block

wood blocking, sustainable replacement


  • 7 time faster to install
  • -300 psf NOA rated uplift
  • Class A fire rating at unlimited slope
  • Moisture, mold and bug resistant
  • 87%  Certified recycled content
  • Standardized  in 2” width increments (8” to 24” wide)
  • Installed to wood, steel or concrete walls with ICP Foam adhesive
  • ANSI/SPRI ES-1 certified
  • Trees Saved and Tires Recycled (visit our calculator)

Next-Use Village Living | coming soon (under construction)

As a preview of things to come, we introduce Planet Healer, the sister company of Miami Echo.

Planet Healer is to be a developer of 500 and 1,000 Echo Home, sustainable villages.

Gallia Villages by Planet Healer will be located around the world, will be built with recycled building materials and powered by sustainable energy sources.

Planet Healer will also build (not for profit) villages, funded by donors who pledge directly to a specific village that we will plan, advertise and promote.

Scroll through the gallery photos for a sneak peek at the village design and the concept homes we are considering.