Echo Home by Shredded Tire is by its nature strong and resilient.

Having passed the 80 mph (hurricane) and 100 mph (tornado) large Missile Impact Tests at Fenestration Test labs in Miami, I was then asked, would it stop a 50 caliber bullet?

It demanded an answer as it is our vision is to see these buildings house military personnel in war zones to keep them safe.

At 25 yards this powerful weapon penetrated the wall and simply dropped out the other side…. The answer is yes it will!

A Hurricane, Tornado and 50 Caliber rated shelter has been checked off as we now aspire to earthquake and explosive ordinance ratings…coming soon! 

Made with shredded tires and mostly waste cements our blocks, that mimic a standard concrete block, can be shipped anywhere and construct housing quickly with little training. 

Each block is bonded together with two beads of foam adhesive, having an inherent insulation value of R-16 for our 12” wall, one just needs to stucco and paint.

And, it will last… forever.

Happening now:
Undergoing certified testing at Fenestration Test Labs after recently completing six months of R&D testing, we expect full approval by 1st quarter of next year to then begin building Echo Homes throughout the world. 

Recycled Content:
Certified by SCS Global 93%

VOC emittance approved by UL

Throughout the world

Save a Tree, Shred a Tire and Build!