The Estates at Acqualina and ShreddedTire story…

This story is about one decision maker, a visionary who is passionately involved in the details as he creates, designs and builds, The Worlds Finest Residences.

Mr. Jules Trump made the decision to be the first to use ShreddedTire. Knowing that the testing and approvals were all as they should be, he still needed to understand it.

So onto a white board he lead me and after just five minutes he got it. He looked at me and said “Genius”, then turned to his team and said “we’re doing this” while pointing to the whiteboard…

That was nearly two years ago and this now completed 7,500 sq/ft, grass covered Villa Roof looks like it was always destined to be there. It is a compliment to all the other spectacular exterior finishes on these extraordinary twin towers.

Great inventions are all around us but they provide no benefit to the world if decision makers don’t make the bold decisions to utilize them.

Going Beyond NET ZERO…

There are 1.5 billion tires discarded in the world every year. One half of them are burned for fuel at cement plants and paper mills which emit CO2 and cause acid rain. There is a better way… The Estates of Acqualina Villa Roofs, recycled and repurposed 12,000 of them using Echo Roof Terrace and Garden by ShreddedTire.

90% recycled content

Miami Dade NOA -370 psf with turf, tile or IPE Ironwood

UL Class A, fire rated

Warrantied by SOPREMA USA