ShreddedTire Receives Government Approval for New Garden Terrace Rooftop Assembly and Blocking System 

Now taking orders through nationwide distribution deal with ABC Supply. 

Dallas, Texas – February 4, 2020 – ShreddedTire announced today at the International Roofing Expo that it has received all necessary government building approvals for its new garden terrace rooftop assembly and blocking systems. The company has also signed a nationwide distribution deal with ABC Supply Company to supply roofing projects anywhere in the United States. 

ShreddedTire’s patented rooftop assembly and blocking products, called Echo-System, are a game-changer for the roofing industry, replacing the need for lumber blocking while saving millions of trees and recycling millions of discarded tires from landfills. 

“Not only is Echo-System a vastly superior material than traditional lumber used in rooftop garden terrace assemblies and block edging, it can be installed 7X faster than wood, resulting in significant labor savings,” said Richard Spreen, ShreddedTire’s Founder and CEO. 

Echo Roof Blocks have been tested and approved to resist hurricane force winds AND qualify for LEED Credits by bringing 87% recycled content to roofing components that presently have zero percent recycled content. Echo components include a replacement for wood blocking (Echo Edge), a sloping insulated block (Echo Block) and a reverse sloping and permeable block (Echo Flow) to create flat walking surfaces for tile and artificial turf. All of these blocks are Dade County NOA, approved for concrete and steel decks and have a class A Fire Rating by UL. 

“We are delighted to be ShreddedTire’s sales and distribution partner for Echo-System,” said Josh Landrum, ABC Supply Branch Manager in Fort Lauderdale. “Roofers can call us at 954-584-3633 to arrange service from their closest ABC Supply branch. We are very familiar with the features and benefits of ShreddedTire Echo-System.” 

Contractors and roofers can also visit ShreddedTire’s website, enter the dimensions of their project, and instantly see how many trees they will save and how many tires they will recycle from landfills by using Echo Blocks. 

Download the Press Release here.


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